Portable Steam Iron


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US Plug
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Product material: ABS, PC, electric heating element
Product color: white
Power length: 3.7 m / 7.54 ft copper full power line
Product power: 850 watts / 60 HZ
Water capacity container: 120 ML
Heating mode: electricity
Use range: ironing clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, ties, etc.

Consumption method:
1. Clean before use. Turn the nozzle to check if the heating element in the glass is clean. If white spots are found, wipe them with a dry cloth.
2. Add water. You can add water directly to the cup. Please note that the water should not exceed the MAX line. Then install the nozzle and pull it clockwise.
The third stream. Plug in the power and turn the switch on. The indicator light on the handle lights up to indicate normal operation.
4. Heat clothes. Hang clothes, put them under the clothes with one hand, and squeeze them with the other hand. It is better to place the nozzle near the clothes. The sprinkler is slowly positioned, and the folds are folded up and down for easy lifting.
5. Add water. When the glass of water is dry, turn off the switch, unscrew the sprinkler and add water. Then pull the sprinkler and turn the switch on. When the water boils, they can continue to iron.
The sixth episode. After use, the cup is dried and ventilated and dried using the inner wall of the water trace of the heating body on a dry soft cloth, and then installed with water sprinkling to repair and prevent mildew.

1. Add water should not exceed the MAX line, otherwise it will spray water.
2. Please add tap water, pure water, etc. Do not add detergent, soapy water, perfume or contaminated water to the water, otherwise water spray will occur.
3. Do not tilt too much when using. The angle between the hull and the horizontal line is preferably greater than 60 degrees, otherwise it is easy to pour out water.
4. If you are ironing, you should not move too high or too low, otherwise you can easily get rid of water.
5. During the watering process, please turn off the power adapter, then screw on the sprinkler and add water.
6. Avoid dry burning as much as possible to extend the service life.

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